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Are you ready your grow your sign business by providing highly profitable vehicle wraps to your customers?

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The Wrap Tutor DVD is the quickest, easiest, and inexpensive way to learn to wrap vehicles in your shop. The DVD will take you step-by-step through the process of installing large printed vinyl on a vehicle - moving bumping to bumper through to completion.

The sign and graphics industry is changing at a rapid pace. Oneshot hand-painted lettering changed to cut vinyl graphics... Cut vinyl graphics changed to printed vinyl graphics... Decorative stripes on the sides of cars and trucks are now full color billboards!

Sign shops around the world are now competing, not only with each other, but with well-established digital print houses that service tradeshow, marketing, and other wide format advertising.


If you're currently selling cut vinyl or even printed decals - you probably notice these vehicle wraps in your city: on buses, cars, vans, and trucks. You know the impact these things generate... but do you know how much these wraps cost?

Sample Retail Prices of a Vehicle Wrap

Wrap Tutor Vehicle Wrap Tutorial Video Checkmark Bullet 40' Bus
Wrap Tutor Vehicle Wrap Tutorial Video Checkmark Bullet 53' Trailer
Wrap Tutor Vehicle Wrap Tutorial Video Checkmark Bullet 16' Straight Truck
Wrap Tutor Vehicle Wrap Tutorial Video Checkmark Bullet Radio Promo Van


They're expensive... They're temporary (only a few months to a few years)... and there's money to be made wrapping vehicles. The perceived value of a vehicle wrap is high and often there's only a few shops even offering the service of vehicle wraps!

In the sign and graphics business there are few avenues to turn to for help. Nobody wants to loose their edge over the competition and give away time-saving or valuable advise. Suppliers are great at offering and selling products, but fall short on how-to's and actual hands-on work.

Training seminars that last a weekend can cost $10,000+ to learn to wrap a vehicle. But imagine for a moment that you did spend those thousands training at a seminar, adding a new dimension to your business, and making it back in your first or second vehicle wrap.

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We made the Wrap Tutor training DVD for you to learn how to wrap vehicles and begin offering this great product. We don't believe it's a trade secret or even a secret at all... Simply something profitable for you to add to your menu of services.

1. Hood
Running Time: 5:04

2. Front Bumper
Running Time: 12:57

3. Roof
Running Time: 5:19

4. Side
Running Time: 19:04

5. Rear
Running Time: 10:03

6. Rear Bumper
Running Time: 10:24

Wrap Tutor Vehicle Wrap DVD Star Image The video goes step-by-step wrapping a vehicle from front bumper to back bumper

Wrap Tutor Vehicle Wrap DVD Star Image Full commentary describing the actions and theory behind what's happening on-screen

Wrap Tutor Vehicle Wrap DVD Star Image Easy to understand instruction for novice vinyl installers

Wrap Tutor Vehicle Wrap DVD Star Image Parts of the video is shown in regular speed and timelapse to see it all happen

Wrap Tutor Vehicle Wrap DVD Star Image One hour and 5 minutes with full scene selection for quick and easy reference!

For less than the price of one ink cartridge for your printer you can own this training DVD. Is your business worth $99.99? I think it is and I also think you can make much, much more from this guide to wrapping vehicles.


Act now and you'll get this incredible dvd for less than the price of ONE ink cartridge

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